circle-kPadma Lakshmi from Top Chef uses Kelly’s Pineapple Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Padma Lakshmi uses Kelly's Jelly

Padma Lakshmi uses Kelly’s Pineapple Jalapeño as a store-bought shortcut to make the traditional Korean dish hotteok, that she learned from Eric Nam on her show “Taste the Nation” on Hulu.


Kelly’s is a family-owned Oregon-based specialty food producer that effortlessly blends tradition with a modern taste esthetic to deliver premium pepper jellies and sweet fruit spreads. Kelly’s is a bridge to new experiences. It creates conversation, invites pairings and serves as an entertainer’s secret weapon. Kelly’s builds confidence by blazing a trail and pointing the way for those wanting to try new flavors and explore.

Kelly’s spreads tradition through the sharing of food. As a specialty food producer, we create premium, small batch hot jellies and sweet fruit spreads using only natural ingredients sourced from producers who represent the best of their local production. We want to add flavor and delight to everyday life. As part of the Portland creative class, Kelly’s is driven to collaborate, innovate and support the community.

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